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Sustainable Furniture

It goes without saying that we’re naturally conscious of our environment. It definitely helps being totally in love with aged wood.

So why is reclaimed wood furniture becoming so popular?




All of our furniture is made using reclaimed wood. It goes without saying that we’re environmentally conscious plus we absolutely love working with aged wood.

There are so many obvious and hidden benefits of choosing reclaimed wood furniture…




If like us you have an untamed passion for the environment then reclaimed wood is definitely the way to go. Reality is that we  must fight to preserve our forests, jungles and precious woodlands. It’s more apparent now than ever for us to utilise wood that has hundreds of years of life left in it. Reclaimed wood is the perfect example of this, not only are you preventing further deforestation, the carbon footprint from the logging industry is also reduced. It’s also alarming to hear that many demolition projects send wood from old buildings straight to the incinerator- can you image!! This is a crime against nature! 

Woodland animals also rely on old wood. Birds nest in leaves, insects feed on bark and squirrels feed on acorns. By felling our trees these creatures could disappear forever.




Reclaimed wood has aged beautifully over time. The wood picks up unique and charming character over the years. Old nail holes, bolt holes and weathering are all part of the charm of using reclaimed wood. 




There is something special about the story to be told behind your furniture and the life lived by the wood used to create it. Your furniture may have once been part of an old oak structured house, pub, barn, warehouse or factory. Wherever the wood has originated from this adds an element of romance to your furniture, and a talking point with your friends and family over the years to come.




Trees were historically allowed to grow for a longer period of time to reach their full maturity. These trees are known as ‘old-growth’ thees. You can’t buy old growth wood anymore unless it is reclaimed. Old-growth trees are typically stronger and larger than others because they took decades and sometimes centuries to mature. The longer the tree grows, the denser the fibres become.

In addition to the years of maturing the wood has also been stored in houses or factories for hundreds of years which means it has been exposed to all types of climates and changes in temperature and humidity. This makes the wood stronger, more durable and less likely to bow, crack or warp over time.




Reclaimed wood naturally ages with character and ensures no two pieces look the same. A compelling feature that draws people into using reclaimed wood.