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Sustainable Furniture For Your Home

Welcome to Sustainable Furniture, showcasing UK’s most beautifully crafted sustainable furniture. We invite you to shop our sublime range of handmade sustainable furniture with eco- conscious production at the heart of our business! Sustainable furniture for domestic spaces and office furnishings are top of our agenda, and we’re delighted to present such a beautiful collection. From sustainable furniture for your forward thinking home, to reclaimed wood seating area’s for commercial premises, we offer a wide range of bespoke services that will compliment your eco-conscious home, office, cafe or bar.

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Modern Farmhouse Coffee Table
Sustainable Furniture
Celebrating reclaimed wood furniture

Our charming range of bespoke furniture is made from reclaimed wood. It celebrates signs of wear and tear that come with age -all beautiful scars from it’s previous life!
Regardless of these distinctive marks, each piece is carefully tailored to assure a sound, solid and lasting piece of furniture that is both beautiful and functional. The wood – we mainly use scaffold boards, seasoned vintage floorboards and salvage wood. Each board has been exposed to different previous life experiences and therefore each table will show this differently.

Bespoke Design
Sustainable solutions are always top of our agenda

It’s imminent that we must help the next two generations create and calve a more sustainable world for mankind’s future survival. Our brands are here solely for that purpose; to help give people the appetite to make conscious decisions when purchasing furniture for their homes. Small sustainable businesses are going to play a huge part in the next 2 climate critical generations.  As deep as it may sound, this inconvenient truth offers a huge opportunity for us to connect with one-another and help guide and influence more sustainable decisions in everything we do.

Zero Plastic Packaging
Eco-friendly sustainable packaging.

If the packaging’s not ethical then what’s the point! We absolutely love exploring brand new solutions for wrapping and bounding our products together. Re-wind to earlier in the last century, bubble wrap and polystyrene were no where to be seen. People used to carry their shopping in brown paper bags. Delicate items were transported in boxes with sawdust. We won’t lie, it’s been a challenging journey, experimenting with eco friendly tapes, garden twine and recycled cardboard, but we’re learning fast and hope to inspire others.