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About Us

From Grandad’s Garden…

Our Story

Sustainable Furnitiure London Ltd are a UK based family business which specialises in bespoke reclaimed wood furniture. Our unique collection of modern farmhouse statement pieces and raw industrial products have earnt collaborations with interior designer up and down the country. Our passion for sustainable furniture can be seen in full throughout the product range and in every ethical decision the business makes. From local sourcing of ethical lumber all the way through to the eco- friendly packaging; understanding and controlling ethical decisions throughout the supply chain is hugely important to the future of our delicate planet.

Throughout this journey we’ll be linking up with and auditioning many more cutting edge sustainable furniture brands for you to enjoy.

Our Skills & Expertise

What we pride ourselves on

If it’s sustainable furniture you’re after, it goes without saying that our ethical brands will give you a flavour of how most key pieces in your home can be crafted from responsibly sourced reclaimed wood.

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Signature Pieces

Reclaimed wood tables and desks, to sustainable booster seat solutions for your toddler.

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Made to order

Each bespoke order is handmade to the highest quality.

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Easy to Customize

Customisations really are what our business is about. As one customer kindly put it- ``You simply can't get this service on the highstreet``.

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Make a Difference

Mass-produced, virgin wood or MDF furniture! Give us a break, who on earth still buys that unethical, capitalistic- hideous quality crap anyway!?